football whispers

I'm currently working as a User Experience and User Interface Designer at Football Whispers, a startup in Shoreditch focused on football data analytics. I'm working on a mix of projects ranging from experience design to character design. These projects include the interface and experience design of the Football Whispers website and app; as well as the design of an internal software that the company has developed to help content creators produce graphics and widgets for sites. 


Content toolbox experience & interface design

The Content Toolbox is geared towards sports writers who want statistics and graphics to back up their articles. Football Whisper's content toolbox allows content producers to search for the team or player that they are writing about and automatically create a graphic or widget in the branding of their choice. A bit like Canva, the toolbox allows the user to change information and text within pre-set conditions decided by an SVG created and uploaded by our graphic designer.
I have helped develop the interface and flow of the toolbox during my time here.

Below are some screens of the Stats Centre UI that I am designing. It allows the user to search a massive database of statistics on football players, teams, matches, and leagues.


Below are glimpses of the Content Toolbox interface that I am designing. The satats centre above will eventually be incorporated into the Toolbox - but it will primarily be a place to enter data and images into a pre-existing template, to create player and team graphics.


artificial intelligence character persona: character design

Football Whispers has developed an algorithm that predicts team lineups and transfers in the football market. ESPN has called on us to take this algorithm and attach to it a character or persona that will advise users who they should pick when choosing their Fantasy League lineups. The main place where this character will live is on social media posts. One ask was for a robotic character that is playful; another ask was for a holographic and morphable character, and finally for a transformer. 

Concepts below are a mix of general transformer-like robots, as well as robots inspired by famous figures in the football world - Klopp, Motson, and (Pep) Guardiola.


Below are another set of concepts for the persona - either a hologram of an event or a famous team manager's face (seen below is Mourinho). The pixel art is very flexible as the hologram can morph into any state; another idea I explored was a hybrid of both physical and holographic concepts.