I started this project with a concept in mind: a system that combines the experience of drone flying with exploring new areas of this planet. This level of technology will be available to us in the near future, and with that in mind I began to think about how the resources of augmented reality, travel, drone flight, and remote technology could be combined to create a totally new experience. My plan was to study drone flight, the people who would be interested in this product, how they would use it, and then create a strategy for how this would be possible.

However, I ran into a major barrier in the early stages of my research. I found that flying a drone is actually very difficult - the learning curve is steep, and the dexterity and focus needed is quite humbling. Therefore, the focus of this project turned out to be not as originally planned, but more about a redesign of the traditional drone controller. I kept the concept of “remote travel” in mind as I steered my focus towards redesigning the controller. Almost as if the hand is grasping the drone in the air as it flies, the movement and function of my Globe Drone Controller gives the user much more intuitive control over the drone in the air.

I reconnect Globe to my original concept with my final video, as it is to be paired with a Virtual Reality headset, allowing the user to fly a drone anywhere in the world through the new Cape Remote Travel online platform. 

10 Week Project | ID 4061 Capstone Design Studio, Fall 2016


The videos below are recordings of first person view flying. We're flying a mini drone with a low quality camera attached - forgive my geeking out noises & laughs

my professor showing me the ropes

my professor showing me the ropes


At this point in the project, I discovered how difficult it is to master a traditional drone controller.

I reevaluated the direction of my project, and focused on how I could improve the functionality and experience of a drone controller - in order to more easily introduce new users to flying drones.



As I mentioned earlier, I had an early vision for this project and set out on that path. The different course that ended up happening was a great reminder that it’s impossible to visualize or expect the outcome of any project. I strayed so far from my original plan and I now approach projects more open-mindedly!