Keeper is a travel documentation app. Whilst traveling, Keeper provides the user with a system that prompts them to take an array of photos during the trip, so that the memories are enhanced by the best combination of photos. Keeper helps organize and share photos while traveling as well. At the end of the trip, the user is able to choose whether they want a digital Tripbook, or the physical Tripbook as well.

Keeper was inspired by a trip I took to Barcelona and Madrid. When I returned home, I realized my picture-taking had been sporadic and focussed more on food and architecture than I would have hoped. I met a lot of amazing people on the trip, and I wished that Iā€™d take more photos of and with them. I was inspired to consider ways that I could have been held accountable for taking photos more frequently, as well as a wider range to capture more of the reality of the trip.

4 Week Project | Senior Design Studio, Spring 2017


Smart phones these days hold so much power, and that power can be harnessed into a really effective trip documentation tool. My goal is to design an app to transform the traveler's phone into an easy photo organization and sharing tool, and ultimately, a more efficient memory keeper and creator. The ultimate prize at the end of the trip is to have a wonderfully curated collection of memories so that travelers can look back on their experiences and remember all moments, even the ones they wouldn't naturally think to capture.


 Who needs the Keeper app?


First-Hand Experience


There were moments at during these points which I wish I had a photo to enhance a story I have, or I completely forgot to take a picture of something I meant to. For example, I didn't take a picture of a wonderful AirBnB we stayed in, which I deeply regret n


These photos were airdropped to me from my traveling partner. They appeared out of order, mixed in with my photos along with other photos that were shared with me.Each was taken seconds after one another, but for some reason are jumbled in the Apple Photos app.

Prototyping: From Rough to Refined

Keep What's Important


Throughout your trip, the app recognizes photos you've already taken, and prompts you to take a variety of photos throughout your trip. Then, at the end, a TripBook is compiled for you.  It'll hold an array of your favorite memories that best re-create the trip.


The app's main function will to keep you updated on your Trip Feed, and alert you of photos you should take next based on your photos taken recently. The secondary features will be sorting photos specifically for the TripBook, sharing your photos with others easily, and your personal profile.


At this stage, I created a quick prototype in Marvel to have some fellow travelers give feedback on the app. From the feedback I was able to streamline certain elements of the interface. In addition, the tripbook gave opportunity for the app to also have a website; editing can get tough on the little phone screen - I should have the user be able to create it on their computer at home. Also, users should be able to allow comments from social media be incorporated into the tripbook if they like.