Travel-inspired app

Loco2 proposed a design challenge to create a mobile and web landing page to promote downloading their app. Loco2 is an online booking service for train travel in the UK and Europe. It sells tickets, without booking fees, through its website and via its smartphone app which is available on iOS and Android platforms. I was asked to design and create a new landing page to advertise the Loco2 mobile app. 

loco2_fb-291585e93973a2bad9c52fa0a004bee466ff875e4c8e42be1c8d757896d74a9a (1).jpg

sketching it out

I took to pen and paper and sketched out some wireframes. Loco2 provided copy and their logo and design



From these sketches I developed a set of wireframes using the copy and logos provided. I wanted to create an experience that draws the viewer in, and gives them a bit of a desire to travel. I knew that imagery and headers would be the best tools for this when moving forward into the visual design.

Desktop HD Wireframe.jpg
iPhone X Wireframe.jpg

visual design 

Below are my final visual design proposals for the Desktop and Mobile versions. 


Immediately, a large, gorgeous image like this would give the viewer a feeling of 'wanderlust.' I feel that the feeling of freedom, the ability to just go and hop on a train and go, is portrayed.


I added iconography to give the viewer quick glimpses of what the app offers.


Another image to inspire wanderlust, as well as some glimpses into what other users have just booked - it introduces a social aspect to the page.

Desktop HD Visual Design.png
iPhone X Visual Design.png