MODEFI bike paired APP


Modefi is a bike redesign project I completed alongside two other classmates. In the research phase of our project we came to understand the difficulties that cyclists face daily. With the redesign we chose to focus on the physical aspects of how their cycling experiences could improve. After we finished the project, I took another look at what we learned in the research phase about the struggles that cyclists face, and designed this app.

Early in our research of cycling experiences in cities, we found one significant issue that was a commonality.  A majority of cyclists have, at some point, faced an obstruction, inconvenience, or hazard in the bike lane or roadway (ranging from parked cars to trash bins to construction zones!). These problems are often inevitable - but bikers have no way of being aware of these issues, often until it is too late. The Modefi App responds to this need by taking advantage of the community of bikers in the area, and providing a forum for that community to report issues in the roadways. The app will then alert other cyclists in the area, fostering communication amongst cyclers and therefore creating a safer experience in the city.  


After interviewing several cyclists that we met in Atlanta, it became obvious that biking in the city was much more stressful and more dangerous than we expected. A solution came to mind with inspiration from the navigational app Waze.



Waze is a a crowd-powered traffic navigation - its maps are charted by the community, meaning it remains up-to-date and provides more accurate mappings in less accessed locations



In order to inform cyclists around the local area of issues that may arise during their rides, the Modefi App will create a wealth of information based on the input from the users themselves. The interface on the bicycle connects via bluetooth to the user's smartphone and informs the user of navigation directions or upcoming hazards. 




I thought through the layout and functionality of the app, starting in the upper left with the thought of the home screen being the main menu. However, after feedback and more consideration, the main function of the app - navigation - would be the home screen.



The app has 4 main functions: navigation (home), user activity tracking, alert creation, and a forum in which updates are recorded and through which the local cycling community can communicate.








The navigation home screen was preferred, and users compared it to the functionality of Instagram with the menu at the bottom (instead of the main menu being the home screen). The communication and forum aspect of the app gives bikers the capability to stay up to speed with the local roads, something that is valuable to daily cyclists. Minor tweaks were made to the alerts, giving more information of time, location, and details about the specific alert.






+ Navigation is the primary use

+ A search for location brings up the route and nearby alerts, which can be viewed in detail

+ When ready, the cyclist sends the ride to the handlebar navigation via bluetooth




+ The profile shows time, calories, and distance, as well as any goals set by the user




+ The forum goes into detail about local alerts and updates submitted by other cyclists

+ These are then monitored by the community and corrected or deleted when necessary or the issue has been solved




+ Creating an alert is quick, only requiring the location, a short description and an optional photo or video