A rite of passage in the GTID program is to do the bicycle redesign project in groups of 3 under Professor Shankwiler. Within a few days of research and analysis of today’s bicycles, the history of bicycles, and the future, we came to the understanding that the frame itself has not changed very much since the conception of the bicycle itself - as it is completely functional and needs no improvement. Redesigning the frame would be like redesigning the wheel.

We turned our focus towards how cyclists experience their daily commute, joy rides, or intense workout sessions. We studied why and how they manipulate or alter their frames - and discovered that although the frame itself is nearly perfect, how the user interacts and personalizes the frame of their bicycle is what could be improved.

Modefi is a bicycle that is designed by the user. This enables the user to create a personalized bike tailored to their lifestyle. The structural modifications gives the user the unique opportunity to fully design his or her individual bike, choosing from a range of storage options and aesthetic modifications. This then allows the user to customize their bike based on preference changes over time, creating a unique bike to fit any need.

Project sponsored by SRAM | in collaboration with Jane Neiswander and Louise Goacher | 7 week project

Modefi was featured on Core77!