Purifi is a vacuum and air purifier in one. It addresses the inevitable problem of dust dispersal that occurs while vacuuming, by purifying the surrounding air while it recharges. In addition, lighting changes cue the user to unplug and save energy.

6 Week Project | Product Development Studio, Spring 2016



Material Use

The vacuum’s outer shell is made of Tenite,  a versatile and durable plastic made by Eastman. A major focus is put on the sustainablity and safety of the material. Eastman uses completely recycled material to promote environmentally conscious decisions. 

Less Parts

The removal of a fan, motor, switch, and other components that would power an indivual air purifier prevents unnecessary heavy metals and other harmful materials from being manufactured.

Lithium Ion Battery

This powerful battery lasts up to 30 minutes when paired with the vacuum’s high watt motor before needing recharging.

Reusable HEPA Filter

Instead of having to restock paper filters, the HEPA filter is washable and can be used for up to 5 years before needing replacement.




Purifi was a challenging and enjoyable individual project. I am content that I was able to give an ordinary handheld vacuum a different and useful function by combining the vacuum with an air purification system. I attempted to give each phase of the design process as much attention as I could allow in the 6-week time span. This project pushed me to delve into surfacing in Solidworks, which in retrospect may have subtracted from my initial form development. I could have spent more time exploring the form through sketching and prototyping, but I knew that the 3D modeling would take me quite a while and I allowed time for that in my project plan. In addition to surfacing techniques in Solidworks, I was able learn how to CNC the physical model and practice my KeyShot skills.


Purifi was featured on Yanko Design and Tuvie!